If you are looking to have turf laid in your garden, you are probably interested in the turf laying costs. These costs depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the area to be covered. Following we will discuss the main factors that affect the costs, to help you decide whether it would be best to order a service or lay the turf yourself.

Turf laying costs will depend on your location – if you live in South East England, you may have to pay more than those who live in the North. It will also depend on the size of the area that you want to be covered – the larger the area the less you pay per square meter; try to negotiate lower rates if you have a larger area (hundreds of square meters). The turf laying costs will also depend on the current cover in your garden – a weedy lawn will cost more. The cost will also depend on how even the area is – an uneven area will cost more in labour and require a larger amount of soil to level it. The cost can also depend on the shape of the area – an irregular shaped area can cost more.

Turf laying costs will also be based on whether you use topsoil and what type of topsoil you use – low-quality soil with nutgrass will cost less, while organic soil will cost much more. You can save money if you buy the topsoil and spread it yourself using a wheelbarrow. If the area is less than 50 square meters, this should take you less than a day.

Turf laying costs will also depend on what is included. If the company will only lay the turf, they will charge less than if they also prepare the ground. Laying the turf alone could cost 1-2 pounds per square meter. Preparing the ground (digging, rotovating, and levelling the site) plus laying the turf could cost 4-5 pounds per square meter. The best and dearest practice is to mix the new soil with the existing soil rather than just lay it on top. If you want to remove the old turf, it will cost even more in labour.

Turf laying costs will also be based upon the type of turf that you purchase – some turfs cost as little as 5 pounds per square meter, while others can cost 10-15 pounds. Finally, the cost will depend on the service provider – some companies have a higher cost of labour than others, as well as higher prices for turf, topsoil, and other products. You may want to shop around, as well as look for special offers.

We hope that our explanation of the turf laying costs will help you decide on how to proceed with laying turf in your garden.