Lindow Planting soil
From £ 45.00 £ 45.00 45.0 GBP
Screened soil suitable for planting in. A lighter soil rich in nutrients, ideal for borders.
Premium Turfing soil
From £ 45.00 £ 45.00 45.0 GBP
A blend of natural soil and silica sand for use beneath turf to give it the best start.

Bulk bags contain 1000kg/1tonne of product.

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Good quality topsoil is arguably the most important part of your garden. Without it, you will certainly not have a nutrient-rich, flawless lawn.

If you are struggling to grow anything in your back yard then the soil could be the problem. There are many things that can go wrong with the soil. It can be too acidic, too salty, or too dry – and lots of other problems too!

Buy Turf Online stocks the highest quality, organic soil that is made by us in our stunning northern location at Chat Moss.

Homemade just for you

Our soil has had the best start in life. It is from our very own farm – based on the peat bogs of the North.

This healthy plant base is guaranteed to grow you the best flowers in the neighbourhood, and it is perfect for lawn and trees too.

During our career as professional turf growers, Buy Turf Online have become industry experts that produce the finest soil there is to offer.

Our wide range of soils

You may or may not be aware that soil comes in diverse consistencies, and do different jobs best.

We have three grades of soil – so whatever you need your topsoil for then Buy Turf online has got you covered!

General purpose 

Choose this soil for general use - perfect for filling in areas where perhaps the growing is not going to be intense.

Border blend 

Do you want a soil that is perfect for borders? And one that is nutritionally complete and will support your plants in the key growing stages? Then our Border Blend mix is for you.

Root zone

Topsoil that is the ideal consistency and nutrient base for roots of trees and other plants. This is an essential soil because the roots are the base of the plant – and if you don’t have the best soil around your roots, they may not grow as well as they should.

Ordering the best quality

Starting its life on a peat bog in Northern England, our three grades of topsoil are screened and blended to ensure that they are all of the highest quality as standard.

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Before 1 pm and we will promise next day delivery throughout the UK. Alternatively, you can come and pick up your soil from our depot in Manchester.

Start your soil adventure today!

 “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.