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Buy Fresh Turf From The Grower

At buy turf online we only grow top quality weed free turf from seed blended to meet the demands of the customer and to compliment our land. The result is a fantastic,lush green ready-made garden.

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Buy Fresh Turf From The Grower

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Soil, like it's meant to be

All our grades of top soil are all screened and blended to ensure of a high quality and standard. We offer three grades of soil to ensure we cater for all your applications...

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Soil, like it's meant to be

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Buy Turf Online, Turf Suppliers & Garden Supplies

Sometimes it takes a professional to get your grass looking its best - and that’s where Buy Turf Online come in.

We are a UK based company that truly appreciates the beauty of a well groomed garden.

As a family run business that grows every single blade of grass on our 400 acre turf farm, our turf is always highly commended.

We put in all of the required care and attention that is needed to ensure that our customers receive the best quality turf – a lawn they can be proud of. 

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence…

…but not when you choose Buy Turf Online!

We sell a variety of home grown turf that will make you the envy of your neighbours.

Choose from our wide variety, the perfect answer to whatever you desire out of your garden. We currently sell:

  • Premium turf
  • Family Sports turf
  • Bulk Garden turf

Whatever you want your turf to do, Buy Turf Online guarantee that we can supply the ideal base for your grass. We can tailor the quality to suit every home, so whether it is a masterpiece or just somewhere for the little ones to play, we have grass that will adapt to your situation. 

Soil is the solution  

If you are having a problem getting any plants in growing in the garden, then you could be looking at a soil problem. Soil can have many issues, and common ones are that it is greatly acidic, too dry or contains too much salt.

And no matter how much time and effort you put into the tending and sowing the soil, if the base components are corrupted then you will struggle to grow anything.

But don’t despair - we can help you solve this problem!

Buy Turf Online have a variety of soils for sale:

  • General Purpose
  • Garden Border
  • Border Blend

Now you just need to decide which soil will best fulfil your needs. Each one is of the highest quality and has the desired components to create the perfect garden for your plants. 

So come down to Buy Turf Online now and get started on the best garden in your neighbourhood for the most economical price around!

“To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves” – Mahatma Gandhi