Standard Garden Turf
From £ 2.65 £ 2.65 2.65 GBP
Quality hard wearing family turf ideal for lush green family gardens with a fantastic finish.
Garden Turf
From £ 3.00 £ 3.00 3.0 GBP
An excellent deep lush green general purpose turf for a ready made lawn. Easy to lay and established itself quickly. High quality appearance with low maintenance. Hard wearing so beneficial in a domestic/family garden.
Premium Garden Turf
From £ 3.39 £ 3.39 3.39 GBP
Our Garden premium turf is a luxurious pristine turf that is ideal for an ornamental look that gives a fantastic lush dense green finish.

High quality Lawn & Garden Turf

You should always have your garden looking at its best.  When it comes to horticulture, sometimes growing nice-looking grass can seem like anything but a simple task. Whether you are looking for a safe place for your children to play, or a beautiful lawn that will be the best in the neighbourhood, look no further than Buy Turf Online. Get fantastic grass on your lawn, without the time and effort of growing it yourself and at a great price as you are buying directly from the farm.

Struggling to get your grass right?

There could be many reasons why your grass is looking shabby. Some people suffer from brown and patchy grass or a lawn that is full of weeds. One thing’s for sure. If the sod on your grass is weak, then it is never going to look tidy and be easy to manage. Unfortunately, the best you can do is tear it up and start again, with some top quality lawn turf.

We sell only the best to our customers, and every blade of it has been hand-grown lovingly by us on our 400-acre farm. Family grown grass for the best price around, because we truly care about our customer’s lawns.

Premium Turf - Top quality, ornamental grass that is some of the finest we sell.

Garden Turf - Perfect for families and quick growing, the family grass is also very hardwearing.

Standard Garden Turf - Luscious and affordable, and popularly used as sports turf.

The best option for your lawn

Buying turf is a much more manageable option than hand sowing the seeds yourself, and the bonus is that you do not have to wait for the seeds to grow! Purchase for yourself a piece of Chat Moss; this large Northern peat bog maintains conditions that are just ideal for growing the perfect sod. The mineral-rich soil gives any garden turf the best start in life. Make sure the roots of your turf are in tip-top condition with our Root Zone – a blended mix of nutrients that are guaranteed to give your seeds the boost they need to grow hardy.

So come and see what Buy Turf Online has to offer – and buy directly from the grower and supplier, which will save you a good deal of time and money in the long run!