Laying lawn turf is a popular modern trend. Today, lawn turf comes in handy middle-sized rolls, which are easy to lay on your own. Most commonly, these are 1 meter wide rolls of different lengths. Laying them is as easy as unrolling a carpet, but there is clearly more to it - the manufacturer will provide you with a detailed guide to lead you through this process step by step. If you do this work on your own, you will save a lot of money.

Lawn turf creates a perfect, springy family lawn where adults and children can play and relax. The turf is durable enough to withstand active movement – you will not have to worry about your lawn getting damaged. This type of utility turf can also be used for other open spaced landscapes, and not just lawns. It is aesthetically pleasing, so it can enhance any part of your premises.

Most turfs are low maintenance. The amount of maintenance and other specifics of lawn turf depend on the grass mixture used in its making. The most common grasses used for lawn covering purposes are soft meadow grass, hardwearing ryegrass, and a number of fescue grasses with different properties.

You can find turfs that come with or without a weed-free guarantee. Those that have this type of guarantee cost more, but they look and feel better, as well as they will be easier to maintain in the future. If you are on a tighter budget, you can choose to purchase a lower grade lawn turf that comes without a weed-free guarantee.

You can find turf for any climate and soil. For instance, you can purchase a type of lawn turf that fits cooler environments, one that will survive droughts or one that will be fine in shaded areas.

Any type of turf can be ordered online. Many manufacturers’ sites feature calculators to determine the amount of turf needed for your garden, as well as information on the types of grass for different needs. If you choose to purchase lawn turf from a quality provider, you can expect to obtain a top-notch quality turf, a detailed guide to lay it, and advice on how to maintain the lawn turf once it is laid. The delivery can be as fast as within 24 hours of your order. Most companies will allow you to select the time for the order to be delivered to your home. Many companies offer phone or email support for your purchase.