Laying turf is easy and economical – that is why thousands of homeowners have decided to purchase lawn turf and lay it with their own two hands. In order to gain the most, you need to make sure to choose the right type of grass for laying turf in your garden.

There are more than six-hundred grass genera and over ten thousand grass species in the world – many of them have similar appearances but dissimilar properties. Some turfs are best for aesthetic purposes; others are excellent for sports and recreational games. Laying turf of the right type will enable you to achieve your precise goal, such as space beatifying or creating a great sports pitch, sun lounge, or pet run. In addition to making the garden look pleasing and providing a good surface, laying turf will also help you boost the level of oxygen in your outdoor premises, and stabilize the soil if needed. Also, it may encourage your family and guests to spend more time outdoors.

Most turfs are blends of different grass species. These blends are developed and tested over the years by the manufacturer, to ensure that they will have the qualities required by the buyer. Following we will discuss two popular types of turfs – for space beatifying and for sporting activities.

Turf for space beatifying is soft, lush and very green. It can be used for classic domestic lawns, front gardens, and areas where children play and adults spend time outdoors. This type of turf may be less dense and durable. If it was used for sporting activities, it could eventually become damaged.

Turf for sporting activities (football, golf, and others) is more dense, durable and long-lasting. It recovers from wear and tear rapidly. However, it is likely to be less pleasing aesthetically, less green, and not as soft as the first type.

The manufacturer or retailer can help you choose the type of turf that will be best for you. Other than laying turf for different purposes, you may also want to consider the aspects of laying turf for a specific climate (temperature, the amount of sunshine and shade, and the level of humidity). For instance, some grasses are better for cooler environments, others are best for shaded areas, yet others are great for dry areas. The manufacturer should help you decide on these aspects also.

Today, you can find turf at great prices. If you purchase in bulk, such as over a couple of hundred square meters, you can expect to receive discounts. If you choose to purchase from a reputable company, you are likely to get a high-quality product that comes with all that’s needed, such as a detailed guide for laying turf and a pre-turf fertilizer.