There are two main turf types – commercially produced turf and meadow turf. Each has a number of distinct features, which have a direct impact on the quality and cost. In this article, we will discuss these two turf types, to help you pick the one that would be the best for your needs.

Commercially made turf is the most expensive one. It is grown on special soils and has a specific number of grasses in it. The chosen grasses form a mix with distinct properties. For instance, the grass species could have been selected to produce a dense cover that will grow back fast after damages. Therefore, this type of mixture can be safely used by the people who want to create a lawn for sporting activities, as well as by various sports clubs. Alternatively, the mixture can be composed to create an extremely lush and green cover, which would be perfect for front gardens and other areas where it’s important to create a striking impression. 

Commercially made turf can also conform to certain temperatures, humidity levels, and other climatic aspects. Thus, no matter if you live in a sunny and dry area or in a cooler area with less sunshine, you could choose the turf types that would fit your climate.

Meadow turf is taken from grasslands. Therefore, it may contain any number of grass species, including weeds. The grasses in the composition of meadow turf types are not selected or tested by the manufacturer. In other words, if you purchase these turf types, you will import all the grasses from a specific grassland right into your lawn. The cost of this turf is much lower, and some people choose to use it to reduce their expenditures. The homeowner needs to be aware that they will have to take care of the weeds, as well as they need to be ready to have a less uniformly textured and coloured turf.

The meadow turf will grow best if it matches your area. Thus, if you live in a sunny and dry area, be sure to purchase the turf types that were grown on the soils with a matching climate.

Whichever turf types you choose, try to physically inspect them prior to purchasing. You may want to look for the presence of diseases or pests, as well as you may want to inspect the swards and see if they are healthy and thick.

Any turf types can be purchased online. Most companies offer second-day delivery, as well as most will allow you to choose a specific time of day for delivery. The turf usually needs to be laid within 48 hours after it was lifted by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is likely to provide you with exact guidelines on laying the turf types that you’ve chosen.