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How to Lay Turf & Best Time for Laying Turf

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Growing the perfect lawn isn’t easy. There are lots of distinguishing factors that need to be taken into consideration, and if you are having problems with your turf then chances are it could be an underlying issue that you have missed.

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Once you receive your turf, it is important to make sure that it gets laid no later than 24 hours after we have dropped it off.

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The Benefits of Turf

Growing a garden from turf is a much quicker and more reliable process than choosing to grow grass from a seed. The roots take hold much quicker on turf, and you do not have to keep the kids off the grass for months!

If you choose a reliable grower, such as Buy Turf Online, then you are choosing a business that is fully committed to growing the best grass. We exclusively grow ours from a seed, on the mineral rich peat bogs of North England.

It takes just a short while to fit all of the turf into the garden - you can start enjoying its beauty right away. Caring for your newly laid turf Finally, you have chosen the turf of your dreams!

The next steps are laying it down right, and ensuring proper aftercare. Make sure to choose the grade of turf best suited to the job you want it to do. Condition the underlying soil, and remove any old grass.

For best results, put compost or root zone down into the roots. This will help you retain moisture and give the turf nutrients.

Keep the soil nice and watered to ensure that the roots take hold. If there has been no rainfall, water twice a day. The best time to lay turf is mid-September, so that it is extremely well rooted for the following summer.

Make sure to keep up on weeding and don’t let too many grow as they can disrupt the roots.

Try to avoid walking too much on the fresh turf.

After a couple of weeks you are ready to give your lawn its first mow! See below…


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