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We’re Buy Turf Online and we want to help you get your garden into the best shape possible.

Is there a better area of the home than the garden? We don’t think so, and we’re determined to help people across the UK make the most of their garden with the best quality turf, sod, and soil around.

We’re a family-run firm based in Salford that believe the best way to an incredible garden doesn’t have to break the budget. If you can lay the right foundations at the first time then your garden will grow into something stunning

Save money with our turf calculator

To help you save money we’ve built a turf calculator which goes deeper than any other.

While no garden is the same, that can also be true of gardeners. You may get different quotes from different people when you’re looking for a new piece of turf to put into your garden. What’s more a lot of gardeners charge for quotes.

Our turf calculator can save you money by giving you a calculation straight away for your needs. What’s more our turf calculator is able to calculate different shapes of turf including rectangle, circle, and triangle cuts.

Simply enter the width and length of the space that you need turf for and our turf calculator will determine the area you need in either metres, feet, or yards. For circular turf simply enter the diameter and our turf calculator will do the rest.

Visit our time-saving turf calculator

Our turf calculator takes the hassle out of the arithmetic of calculating your lawn’s area. Usually you would multiply the length and the width of your lawn to get the area needed, while triangular gardens need their multiplied height and width divided by two.

To calculate a circular lawn you have to multiply 3.14 by the radius twice (a measurement from the centre of the circle to the circumference) to find the circle’s area in square meters.

That can be tricky for people. Luckily our turf calculator takes all the complexities out of the mathematics to leave you with a simple accurate number for when you need to order your turf.

Our turf calculator takes all the hassle out of finding the area of your turf when you want to improve your garden, and we hope it’s of use to you to help take the frustration out of measuring turf.

It’s just one of the many ways we want to help you get a well-groomed garden that lasts a lifetime. We can supply everything you need to create a beautiful garden, from general purpose to premium soil to lay the right foundations and beautiful turf that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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