Laying turf rolls requires certain preparation. Following we will describe what needs to be done in order for you to achieve the most when laying turf. Overall, you will need to prepare the soil, order the right amount of turf, obtain the needed tools, arrange the turf, and start caring for it. The entire process is fun and very rewarding.

When you order turf, it will be delivered to you in ready to lay rolls. It is essential not to delay unrolling them. Laying turf rolls needs to be done immediately or not later than within 12-24 hours from delivery. In the winter and autumn, you can get away with laying it within 24 hours from delivery, while in the spring and summer you need to lay it within 12 hours from delivery.

Laying turf rolls requires preparing the area. Preparing the site will allow your new turf to root deeply and rapidly, and prevent it from drying. Preparing the site is easy – lay a layer of topsoil and add fertilizer and water. Some topsoil mixes come blended with lawn establishment fertilizer. Water the soil well two days before the delivery of the turf.

The tools that you will need for laying turf rolls are a wheelbarrow, rake and spade. In addition, you will need a garden hose for watering.

Turf laying process: the rolls need to be unrolled along the borders. If it is a slope, unroll them across it, not down. The rolls are laid in a brickwork (stonework) style, where each piece is offset from its neighbour. Once you are done, place planks on top of the fresh turf, as it is susceptible to weight and shifting and can become damaged if you start walking on it.

Laying turf rolls is done in a butt-joint fashion – you will need to butt-joint the ends of the pieces tightly together. It is essential to knit it together in the right way, so strive to do it the best you can. Avoid stretching the turf – push it into a joint instead. Avoid gaps; if gaps occur, fill them with topsoil and tap it down. Make sure that the bottom of the turf contacts with the soil tightly. Once you are done laying turf rolls, use a flat board to firm the turf. If you need to trim any excess around trees and paths, use a shovel.

The next 3-4 weeks will determine just how well your turf will establish. Follow this advice: start watering immediately after laying. Water often for at least 2 weeks, then switch to watering once a week until the turf establishes. Walk on the turf to press it down where it's not seated. Mow the lawn. That's it. We hope that you found our tips for laying turf rolls useful.