It is easy to lay turf lawn if you know how and if your budget allows for the purchasing of some helpful products. In this article, we will talk about the easiest way to lay lawn turf on your own. The most useful product you can use to lay turf lawn successfully is topsoil – a special fertile soil that is free of pebbles and weeds. Topsoil is balanced in its components: sand, compost, clay, and others. It is rich in organic matter and is the best soil for the healthy growth of plants. If you have lower grade soil on your premises, it is useful to lay topsoil underneath the turf. Also, laying topsoil will free you from having to dig up the soil. To ease the process further, purchase topsoil enriched with fertilizer. Thus, you will not even have to apply fertilizer onto the soil to lay turf lawn. Follow our advice, and the process of laying turf will become easy and enjoyable.

First, purchase enough of the fertilizer enriched topsoil and enough turf. Lay the topsoil, water it, and lay the turf on top. To lay turf lawn properly, you need to learn exactly how to do it. Follow this advice: the pieces need to be butt jointed in a stonework manner, which means that each one of them needs to be offset by a certain length (e.g., one-third of a meter). Avoid having gaps between the pieces. If you see gaps, use the remainders of the topsoil to fill them in (it is a great idea to have some spare topsoil for these needs). Don't stretch the turf pieces this can damage them. Gently push the pieces next to each other. Once you are done with each piece, place a plank on top of it, so you can walk. Try not to walk on the fresh turf without planks. Once you lay turf lawn, walk on the planks to firm it. Keep in mind that it's best to lay turf lawn immediately after its delivery, and not later than 12-24 hours past delivery.

The fact is that you don't know how long the rolls have been laying around at the manufacturer's location, and it is better to assume that they were lying longer. It is also a good idea to ask the manufacturer how long the rolls stay at their location prior to being delivered. The next key aspect is watering. You need to water the turf right after you lay it and keep watering it abundantly for the next two weeks. After that, start to water it once a week, and then as usual. Mow the lawn as needed. If you follow our advice to lay turf lawn, it should become an easy, enjoyable, and successful endeavour.