Using a lawn laying service helps to avoid the hassles of laying a lawn the DIY way, as well as it guarantees a perfect end result. Following we will discuss what you can expect for your money, and give some advice for turf laying.

The best months to order a lawn laying service are January, February, March and April. Laying turf in the winter or early spring will free you from frequent watering. The fact is that freshly laid turf is vulnerable to drought, so if you lay it in the summer, you will need to water it when there's no rain. Also, your family is likely to spend less time outdoors in the colder months, so your new turf will not get damaged – new turf requires a few weeks before you can start walking on it. Finally, a lawn laying service can cost you less in the winter, as it's usually cheaper for them to purchase the rolls. However, you can use them year-round if you need the lawn immediately.

Using a lawn laying service is the easiest and fastest way to get a beautiful lawn. Laying turf may seem easy when you look at the pictures of how it's done, but it's not always that easy. Laying turf requires skill, physical strength, and special equipment. Experts can do all of the hard and dirty work for you.

A professional lawn laying service will recommend the best local turfs for you to use. They will prepare the ground: break up the soil using a rotary cultivator, rake, level the ground (it's hard work where practice makes perfect), install drainage where needed, carry the heavy rolls, and then unroll, shift and cut the rolls. They are likely to use heavy machinery and special tools. It would require a lot of effort to do all of this on your own. Finally, a lawn laying service will make sure that your turf survives and looks great. If done wrong, the turf may die in weeks, the old weeds may start to poke through it, or the surface may turn out to be too uneven, which will create issues with mowing.

Who may need a lawn? A good lawn can add to most any home. It can make a home look gorgeous, provide kids with a better playground in the summer, and provide adults with a good area to relax outdoors. In other words, any home may need a good lawn.

What are the benefits of turf over seeds? Grass requires long preparation, and the result is not visible for months. With grass, you need to seed, weed, seed again, water, and chase the birds away for months. With turf, you get an instant gorgeous lawn. Using a lawn laying service is the easiest way to get a perfect lawn fast.